We have an experienced team of physiotherapists each with an area of special interest (all have taken extensive post-graduate courses and training in these areas). We treat patients with muscle and joint problems, including neck, back and other joint pain/dysfunction, sports injuries, hand injuries (including repetitive strain), TMJ disorders, and whiplash injuries. Appointments are scheduled according to your injury or medical condition with the therapist most knowledgeable in that area.

Our approach to treatment will include all of some of the following components:

  • Education: We teach our clients about the injury/diagnosis and associated pathology, timeframes for recovery and techniques to use at home to reduce pain or regain function. Our philosophy is to educate our clients so they can become active participants in their recovery.
  • Manual Therapy: We use a hands-on approach, including joint mobilization, soft tissue stretching and/or massage. Whenever possible, we teach our clients self-treatment techniques.
  • Exercise: This may include exercise within the clinic and/or home exercise programs. Elements of the following types of exercise will be prescribed as part of the rehab program: stretching, strengthening, core stabilization and functional activities.
  • Pain-reducing Modalities: This includes the use of electrical equipment such as ultrasound, laser,Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TNS), interferential current and muscle stimulators. These are medical devices used to increase circulation and reduce pain and swelling. At our clinic, this type of treatment is used strictly as an adjunct to other therapies, most commonly during the acute (early) phase of an injury.