Westside Physio supports several programs provided by ICBC and WorkSafe BC (WCB).


Several physiotherapists at Westside Physio have extensive experience in treating individuals with whiplash injuries, as well as working with ICBC adjusters. Our treatment philosophy involves early intervention, client education, graduated exercise programs and a return to normal activities of work and leisure as soon as possible. All treatments are customized to each client, taking into account the nature and severity of the injury, the stage of healing and the physical demands of the client's occupation.

WorkSafe BC (WCB)

Treatment of individuals who have been injured at work includes a graduated program of exercises, manual therapy techniques as required, pain reducing modalities in the early stages of healing (eg. ultrasound) and education regarding reducing strain to the injured area (eg. proper lifting technique) or review of the ergonomic set up on the job.

Individuals who have been injured at work and who have an approved claim, are entitled to a maximum of 22 physiotherapy treatments within a 6-week period.

WorkSafe BC (WCB) Hand Therapy Program

This program provides assessment and treatment of injured workers who have traumatic injuries of the upper extremity, below the level of the shoulder. All treatments are administered by Certified Hand Therapists (CHT). These are physiotherapists or occupational therapists with special training in treatment of upper extremity injuries. See Our Team Section

This program can include the following treatment components: assessment, wound care, custom made upper extremity splints, scar management, joint or soft tissue mobilization, desensitization, strengthening, functional activities, client education, return to work planning and job site assessments.

The CHT is responsible for regular communication with the injured worker, the WorkSafe BC adjuster, the attending physician or specialist and the employer.

Clients must be referred to this specialized program either by a WorkSafe BC officer, or by the attending physician or specialist.